Change Management

Change Management

Effectively managing the changes that occur throughout implementation of SAP is critical to realizing the anticipated business benefits. It’s natural for resistance to occur when people are expected to change how they work. Clear communications about roles, processes and changes, including proper training and end-user input during development, are necessary to ensure the changes occur as smoothly as possible yielding the greatest business benefit.
Change Management is driven by the needs of the business and provides strategy and methodology based on insight into the people, processes, and technology behind successful enterprise implementations. Mavericks’ successful Change Management strategy addresses all of the following areas:

Leadership Engagement - Maverick sponsors and cascades leadership throughout to ensure leaders are aligned with the outcome and fully understand the anticipated benefits. This helps to secure agreement among the organization and project leadership and build commitment.

Transition Management - Maverick facilitates the capture and validation of organizational change impacts, addressing business processes, terminology, policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities.

Communications - Maverick increases commitment by building awareness and understanding.

Change Readiness/Risk Assessment - Maverick assesses change history, readiness, commitment and ability to accept and sustain change. This helps highlight and understand the organization’s ability to change and then guides the strategy to address the critical areas that need attention.

Education & Training/Team Development - Maverick educates and transfers knowledge, skills and abilities to project team members and end-users.
Mavericks’ Change Management pays particular attention to the people throughout the organization impacted by the SAP implementation, to ensure engagement at every level. Our consultants develop engagement and risk mitigation strategies to address issues and barriers to implementation.