Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Installing SAP without a thorough understanding of how it was implemented or its functionality will nearly always result in both low ROI and tremendous opportunity losses. While the actual implementation of SAP functionality is the obvious point of departure for any comprehensive SAP Program, understanding how to best leverage and maximize the software is crucial—hence the need for SAP training. Mavericks’ SAP training services provide comprehensive, meaningful, flexible, and practical training consulting services. We offer implementation team training, functional or technical “deep-dives”, executive level training, end-user or super-user training, customized client specific training and everything in between.

Executive Level Training - Geared towards upper level management, this offers a focus on providing a high level overview of SAP, its functionality, and high-level end-to-end business process live SAP demonstrations. Customized specifically to the client’s needs, the offer is meant to provide the participants with a broad-stroke overview of SAP across the selected component(s) of the product suite. Typically a 1 or 2 days session.

Project Team Training - Focused on providing a deeper level of knowledge, this focuses on empowering the chosen client implementation team with functional and/or technical knowledge. This training provides the project team members with hands-on implementation knowledge and tutorials enabling them to make meaningful contributions to the overall project. Customized specifically for the given functional and/or technical area, the training is provided in sub-modules as building blocks. Depending upon the desired level of depth, the training can last anywhere from three days to one month per skill set.

End User Training - Focused on teaching the fundamentals required in performing day-to-day analyst activities, this is designed for the client end user. This training provides end-user specific instructions meant to empower the end-users with SAP functional and/or technical understanding
specifically for the client’s needs and environment. It is not meant for super-users or configuration specialists. Depending upon the level of depth desired, the training can last anywhere from three days to one month per skill set.

Train-the-Trainer/Super-User Training - Designed for the client super-user community, this provides detailed SAP functionality instruction to those responsible for training colleagues (typically end-users). Because the audience will ultimately be responsible for supporting their own organization, this training is detailed, demonstration heavy, and hands-on. Very popular among clients, this service is a very cost effective method of training an entire organization via a selected trainer population. It is highly customizable and tailored to the end client’s specific “train-the-trainer” needs. Depending upon the functionality and level of depth, the training can last anywhere from one week and beyond per area.

Client Benefits

Choosing Maverick to deliver your SAP training means:

  • Experienced SAP trainers with years of “real-world” implementation experience at your disposal
  • Flexible and client tailored training sessions
  • Cost effective SAP education alternatives (on-site, centralized)
  • Relevant and Hands-on instructional experience
  • Improved user experience and acceptance of the SAP system
  • Improved ROI on your SAP investment