About Us

Founded in 2008, Maverick Infotec focuses on tailoring its solutions to the custom requirements of its clients. With a team of outstanding consultants in areas of SAP and ERP, Maverick works closely with client teams to identify, analyze, model, and manage company-wide SAP implementation requirements and design an optimal process for success. Maverick re-engineers businesses to world-class standards and assists clients to migrate from manual processes to automated electronic processes. Maverick Infotec offers highly effective solutions in areas of ERP project planning and business modeling for leading businesses to help them deliver high performance results.

ERP/SAP Implementation: Maverick’s core focus is into ERP/SAP implementation for Extrusion industries. Maverick recognized that the underlying reasons for the shortcomings in business benefits were not in the ERP system itself, but in the manner of delivery of the overall business change programme. Maverick’s ERP/SAP expertise in the Aluminium Extrusion industry is in understanding how to derive value out of business processes by appreciating that technology alone does not bring significant business benefit; change in process and behavior is also required. ERP systems like SAP do, however, provide a platform for continuous improvement if the benefits to be gained from implementing are understood from the start.

IT Services: Maverick also offers an extensive portfolio of the following IT Services.

♦ Enterprise Solutions that include SAP and Master Data Management
♦ IT Infrastructure Services
♦ Project Management Consulting
♦ Corporate Training
♦ Business Process Re-engineering
♦ Solution Manager
♦ Auditing (SAP Configuration)
♦ Complete ISO certification work (SAP and non-SAP)

Why Maverick?
SAP is one of the most sophisticated software’s in the field of ERP. The process of implementation of SAP ERP requires close attention and experienced professionals both at the implementer’s side and the client’s side (which is absent in most cases). Any minor ignorance while designing or mapping during implementation will lead to uncontrollable influence on the business after the implementation. To avoid the risks of implementation, we at Maverick provide SAP talents who closely work with our clients to manage company-wide project management requirements and design an optimal process for success. Maverick also empowers the client by creating an In-House knowledge base of SAP in all the levels of the enterprise for a sustained success.