Mission & Vision

Vision & Values

Our vision is to be the best project management firm for SAP implementations by offering an all-in-one solution and setting bench marks against which the success of the other implementations will be measured.

Core Values :

All employees have the power to find and use all resources to solve issues promptly. Likewise, clients and associates are given the tools to solve and report service concerns or problems.

When it comes to our profession, passion is definitely shared by all Maverick team members. We believe that individual passion is the unique seed to higher knowledge and creativity for our team as well as all our Clients.

We continually seek to increase our ERP/ SAP knowledge and relentlessly share that knowledge and experience in order to think up new ideas which will ultimately benefit our clients, partners and employees.

Teamwork is the common basis of all the relationships Maverick builds. We uncompromisingly seek to strengthen and add maximum value to every partnership we form with clients, with alliances and with one another.