Expert Plant Maintenance Module Implementation in SAP

Expert Plant Maintenance Module Implementation in SAP

Plant Maintenance(PM) is one of the modules which is usually kept aside as a low priority in most ERP implementations and slowly neglected as time passes. The main reason for this is that it does not have an urgent commercial importance like Sales, Material management etc.,

But what is overlooked is the fact that for the manufacturing industry Plant Maintenance forms the basic platform for the entire business. To elaborate on this point, when the Plant Maintenace in a company is streamlined the machinery quality and machinery availability improves. This results in improved production efficiency in terms of improved quality, quantity and schedules at a lower cost. This in turn results in more happy customers improving the cash flow and the overall business in general. 

Maverick has strong PM module implementation expertise in the  manufacturing sector. It has demonstrated marked and sustained improvements in the performance of the maintenance work using SAP ERP.

Maverick can demonstrate live case studies where the break downs were reduced using SAP ERP PM module as a tool from 18% to 3%, drastically improving the machine availability and machine quality.

Plant Maintenance module needs systematic study and expert advice to help implement it in SAP ERP. Being the implementers as well as  the users (since 2007) of the software in all the modules including PM, we posses the detailed practical business mapping in SAP PM along with it's integration with the other related modules like MM, FI and CO thoroughly. We have helped various industries in implementing and expanding the scope and the depth of SAP PM module.

♦ Analyze the equipments breakdown and repetitive breakdowns
♦ Plan preventive maintenance properly and reduce the equipment breakdown & maintenance cost
♦ Equipment breakdown analyze and control
♦ Material planning for preventive maintenance and maintain safety stock
♦ Analyze your equipment MTTR and MTBR and plan to control
♦ Material consumption analysis
♦ Counter based preventive maintenance for equipments like Generators & Compressors

♦ The effort involved in the maintenance object is reduced
♦ The maintenance processing is simplified
♦ The time required to record the data is reduced
♦ Maintenance costs are lowered
♦ Resource efficiency is improved
♦ Alignment of activities, resources, and budgets with business priorities improves
♦ Improved prioritizing, planning, and executing activities aligned to corporate strategy and more readily provide the right resources at the right time from the right source required for execution
♦ Plan and track activities more precisely to improve speed of execution
♦ Availability and speed of reporting improves
♦ Monthly costs on the technical object can be analyzed
♦ Machine breakdown analysis and cost analysis can be done
♦ Interface your equipments with SAP software
♦ Reduced plant downtime and unexpected equipment breakdowns
♦ Prolonged asset life through preventive maintenance
♦ Lowered operating costs and capital expenditures
♦ Reduced spare parts and inventory levels
♦ Improved control over preventive, planned and unplanned maintenance